Chen Tao

Chen Tao studied product design in South Korea where he earned his master’s degree.  He began his successful design career at BK2 Design Studio in South Korea, thereafter returning to China in 2006 to take up teaching at the Department of Product Design in University of Shanghai for Science & Technology.  He concurrently serves at China’s top-notch research institute of design strategy, the Asia Design Institute. As Project Supervisor of Design Research, he has worked on numerous projects focused on client research and design strategy in the China market for many multi-national enterprises.  In 2010 Chen established Chen Tao Design Studio in Shanghai.  He has won many distinguished design awards, the latest of which is the 2012 Red Dot Award for his Tea Filter.  

The Tea Filter is an Asianera collaboration with Chen Tao, under the Lian brand.  “The first time I heard about Lian I had a very deep impression, even the meaning of the name is interesting – to connect and to unify.  Lian is a very good platform where a designer’s inspiration can turn into reality through exquisite workmanship.”

Tea Filter

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