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The submission deadline of 2010 Asianera 1st Table Art Porcelain Design Competition is postponded to March 5th, 2011 (according to the postmark date).

 We are launching our first Asianera Design Competition. The theme for this competition is Asian Fusion. This competition focuses on shape design for large accent table top accessory pieces. The competition is open to all design students, graduates, and freelance designers. There will be a RMB10,000 prize for the competition winner.

 2010  ASIANERA  1st Table Art Porcelain Design Competition


01- OrganizerASIANERA

Asianera is a Hong Kong company that designs and manufactures fine bone china for the high-end international market.  Asianera believes that distinctive fine quality china can be designed and produced in China, the place which originally invented and defined porcelain beauty centuries ago.  Rather than emulating traditional designs, we set our minds to developing a unique design style and product line which reflect an Asian vernacular within a contemporary context.


02- Requirements

2.1 Design theme: ASIAN FUSION

ASIANERA has always been known for its distinctive Asian Fusion Style-a seamless combination of Asian characteristic and western design concept. The theme of the 1st ASIANERA competition is ASIAN FUSION. It requires the submitted design works to express the ASIAN FUSION idea in terms of visual communication, style, formation, function etc.

 2.2 Product Design Scope:

Bone China Design (blank, white or with decoration)

If you feel your product design is best with pattern, please provide your graphic design as well..

2.3   Specific design requirements

  • Design large eye-catching table top accessory series. Designs need to be functional yet uniquely creative. Functionality may be applied to Western or Chinese table settings. Size of each item (or if designed as a grouping, the size of the whole grouping) has to be appropriate for a standard rectangle 6 person Western or round 8 person Chinese dining table. There is no limitation on style, formation, function etc. One entry work is a porcelain series which consists of 4-5 different items.
  • The minimum technical requirement of the entry work submission for series and each item:
    1. Design explanation includes the design concept, the name of your entry series, the description of each item and the whole series.
    2. Two-dimensional technical schematics which show all dimensions from all relevant angles.
    3. Two-dimensional schematics showing how the submitted porcelain series should be displayed (minimum 1 piece of drawing.),
    4. Two-dimensional schematics to show how each item is used (optional).
    5. Three-dimensional drawings instead of two-dimensional schematics are also welcome.


    03- Judging criteria

    Creativity, Beauty, Functionality, Ability to be reproduced efficiently.


    04- Award

    One awarded entry

    The winner will be awarded a prize of RMB10,000,  and possible opportunities for participation in the ASIANERA factory artist-in-residence program, and a long-term working relationship with ASIANERA.


    05- Procedure

    Oct.21, 2010, competition starts
    Jan.6, 2011, deadline of application
    Jan.7, 2011-Jan.21, 2011, entry works election
    Jan.24, 2011, Award announcement
    April, 2011,. Awarding ceremony


    06- Qualification of applicants

    Students in design or art major in universities and colleges, freelance designers are qualified.

  • The applicant can be a team. All the team members should be qualified.


    07- Intellectual property right

    All entry works need to meet the theme and design scope of this competition. All entry works must be originally designed by the related applicants. All applicants must guarantee their entry works have never been previously published in any newspapers, magazines, websites or any other media, and have not been submitted to any other competitions. The applicants must also guarantee that they fully own the intellectual property rights of their submitted entry works, without counterfeit or prejudice to the intellectual property rights of other people. If any acts of plagiarism have been found out on the awarded entry, the organizer has the authority to disqualify the award, recall the prize and the awarded certificate, and announce the offence of the guilty applicants on the related media. Upon receipt of the award, the recipient agrees that all intellectual property rights are transferred to the organizer (Asianera Limited), including but not limited to changes, replication, distribution, exhibition, publication and the design extrapolation for the extension of the product line. Furthermore, the organizer is not required to pay any additional fees for such activities. The award recipient has the right to name the entry work.


     08- Design works submission

    All the submitted two-dimensional drawings should be saved as AI file, 300dpi. Three dimensional drawing should be saved as .MAX file. 

  • The entry work should be saved in CD and be submitted to the following address by post by the date of Jan 6th, 2011 (according to the postmark date).
  • Address:9 Zhen Ning Road, Oriental Garden, Bldg.3 #2B, Shanghai, 200050, China
    To: Asianera Limited Sales Office, Grace Liu
    Tel: 86-21-6225-8980

  • There is no limitation on the quantity of entry work for each applicant. One entry work should be saved in one CD. Please print out the entry work label and stick on the front side of the CD. The application form and the design description form should be filled in and attached in your mail.

    09- Application form and entry work label

    Please kindly download application form, design description form and entry work label from the attachments.

    Attachment 01: application form
    Attachment 02: design description form
    Attachment 03: entry work label


    10- Notice

  • All the entry work CDs will not be returned. Please keep a copy if it is necessary.
  • The organizer (Asianera Limited) reserves the right to the interpretation of the terms and conditions on this competition.

    If you have any question regarding the competition, please contact us with:

  • 86-21-6225-8980
    Amanda Woo

    This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

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