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Tea Filter


Designed by Chen Tao.

Tea is widely enjoyed whether you are from the East or West. People like to relax with a cup of tea in the ever-accelerating pace of life in modern society. Our Tea Filter is a unique and innovative accessory to make tea in a convenient and oh-so stylish way.

This tea-making set separates tea from water, enabling tea water to directly flow into cups while the tea leaves can be efficiently filtered out, thus making it easier to wash. In addition, the dimension and size are suitable for cups of various shapes and different specifications. The set can be easily matched to different cups, resulting in all kinds of changeable effects. The luxurious material combination of bone china and silk wood, with their fine and rich texture, is pure elegance. The wooden base can also be used as a stand for the cover when brewing, and as a stand for the filter after brewing. This is a design which will surely enhance your tea drinking experience.