Voonwong&Bensonsaw (VWBS) are a London-based multi-disciplinary design practice who began collaboration in September 2001. They draw upon their different backgrounds in architecture, engineering and product design to lend a unique perspective to furniture, lighting, product design, architecture and interior design.

VWBS has been awarded numerous design awards and nominations like theOXO Peugeot Award for lighting & the prestigious Compasso D'Oro in Italy.

VWBS’s “cooperation (with Asianera) began in 2004 when Voon Wong and Benson Saw met the owners of Asianera, while working on the hip nightclub Fabrique in Shanghai.  Asianera’s artisanal approach and focus on quality, and voonwong&bensonsaw’s modern take on the traditional material seem a perfect combination. Together, the companies have developed a collection that makes the best use of bone china’s excellent light-reflective properties and also moves away from traditional decorative tableware to focus on striking new typologies.  The new Lian brand is an extension of this work.”

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